Microbial Activity





Microbial Activity


Cat.        Test 

MF 601    Agar Diffusion Method   ₹ 600/sample

MF 602    Disc Diffusion Method   ₹ 800/sample

Quantitative Efficacy Antimicrobial Testing

Cat.        Test 

MF 611    Broth dilution assay   ₹ 900/sample

MF 612    Microtiter broth microdilution (MBM) assay    ₹ 1000/sample

MF 613    Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC) assay (3 Dilution)   ₹ 1200/sample

MF 614    Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) assay (6 Dilution)    ₹ 900/sample 

Antagonistic Activity

Cat.        Test 

MF 621    Agar Plug Diffusion Method   ₹ 1200/sample

MF 622    Cross Streak Method    ₹ 1200/sample

Antibiotic Susceptibility Test

Cat.        Test 

MF 631    Agar Diffusion Method    ₹ 600/sample

MF 632    Disc Diffusion Method    ₹ 800/sample

Note: GST Charges extra on total Amount (as may be applicable)

Qualitative Efficacy Antimicrobial Testing

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