CytoGene Research & Development would like to introduce you about Indoor and Outdoors sessions of Hands-on-workshops conducted by us in our laboratory or various Institutes/Universities. These sessions of workshops furnish participants a deep understanding of upcoming methodologies and advanced techniques to enhance knowledge in area of Life Science. We conduct various categories of Workshop as per need, time and facilities available in the host Institute/University. CytoGene would bring all the required Materials, Instruments & Chemicals for workshop.






Molecular Biology

Genetic Engineering



Environmental Biology



Food Technology


These workshops are organised on latest techniques which can not be transported from one place to another place. We provide the complete details of workshop at least a month ago so the candidate can plan accordingly. The complete details are provided on our website along with online registration process. These workshop can be -

  1. Hands on Workshops (Two days, Three Days & Seven Days)

  2. Faculty Development Program (Seven Days Workshop)

  3. Curriculum based training programs (Seven to Ten Days Workshop)


This workshop will give a good opportunity to the students / faculty member to learn the latest techniques by Individual handling and students will take more interest in the subject. It benefits technical exposure and attribute satisfaction, Internal concept promotion opportunities and better retention. Visualization and Hands-on-Experiments makes a clear way of Understanding and upholds their interest. In our workshop we, focus on both In-class and In-lab and enhance participant’s opportunities for growth to keep them challenged, motivated and engaged. UGC also seeks students to attend various technical events organized in any organisation to upgrade students, research scholars & faculty members.


Faculty Development Program

11 May 2019 - 17 May 2019

Seven Days Hands-on-Workshop on “HPLC, PCR, Gel-Doc & Spectrometry



Skill Development Program

05 Apr 2019 - 07 Apr 2019

Three Days Hands-on-Workshop on “Emerging Techniques of Microbiology



Faculty Development Program

08 Apr 2019 - 14 Apr 2019

Seven Days Hands-on-Workshop on ” PCR & Non PCR Based approach in molecular analysis



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