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Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy




Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy




Atomic absorption spectroscopy and atomic emission spectroscopy is a procedure for the quantitative determination of elements using the absorption of optical radiation by free atoms in the gaseous state.

Sample Requirement: Only solid samples are preferred (50-100mg).

Sample Extraction & Purification: If extraction has to be done by  us it will charged extra.

Report will contain: Element, Preferred tube, Modifier, Pyrolysis temperature, Atomisation temperature and remarks.

Standard: In-built flame is present with the instruments which analyse the present element. 

We test environmental samples for trace compound and pollutants. The range of elements for which detection could be done are


Aluminum (Al)

Antimony (Sb)

Arsenic (As)

Calcium (Ca)

Cadmium (Cd)

Cobalt (Co)

Chromium (Cr)

Copper  (Cu)

Iron (Fe)

Lead (Pb)

Mercury (Hg)

Magnesium (Mg)

Manganese (Mn)

Molybdenum (Mo)

Nickel (Ni)

Selenium (Se)

Silver (Ag)

Titanium (Ti)

Vanadium (V)

Zinc (Zn)

Cat.        Test 

SF171   Sample preparation     ₹ 500/sample

SF172   Running of AAS for sample   ₹ 500/sample/Metal

SF173   Running of AAS for sample(5 Metal)    ₹ 2000/sample

SF174   Running of AAS for sample (up to 10 Metal)   ₹ 3500/sample

SF175    Interpretation of Graph/Data  -  Not Applicable

Note: GST Charges extra on total Amount (as may be applicable)


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