Online Biotech Training 2022

CytoGene Research & Development is offering this online training through video meeting.The aim is to provide hustle free training of all your need. The techniques are categorised on the basis of application of your requirement. We hope you will find all your needs in the given training program.

How will it be done?

  1. Online Registration

  2. Allotment of time slot

    • Performing the experiments (Day wise plan)

    • Sending of the protocol to be performed

    • Connection on online portal for training

    • Live lecture of the technique to be performed

    • Live demo of the experiment

    • Continuous explanation of each steps with Q&A session

    • Sending of photographs/Out line of results for report

  3. Report preparation and submission of Soft copy

  4. Sending of Certificate to the concerned person by speed post.

Note: In case of Training in Bioinformatic, all the candidate have to perform the experiments in their own laptop too.

How certificate will be provided?

Printed copy of certificate will be sent to candidates on the address mentioned in registration form by speed post. Candidate can also avail soft copy of certificate immediately after completion of the training that can be used till the printed copy reaches to the address.

This Module is not available for Online Training in this Winter (2022-23)

Module of Online Training



In-Silico Drug Designing and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

20 Feb 2022

(Mon - Fri, 6-8 pm)

Syllabus to be covered

Basic Bioinformatics

Introduction to Bioinformatics & NCBI.

Study of various file formats.

Sequence retrieval from databases.

Alignment of sequences using BLAST.

Primer designing for a given sequence.

Comparative tools

Pairwise alignment using EMBOSS.

Multiple Sequence Alignment using various tools.

Phylogeny and Cladogram Analysis.

Complete genome comparison.

Analysis of percentage divergence between species.

Phylogenetic tree construction using various software’s

Prediction tools

Gene prediction tools.

Secondary structure prediction tool.

Ligand property prediction tool.

Toxicity and ADME properties prediction tool.

ORF finding tool.

Prediction of potential cleavage sites by ExPasy web tool.

Drug Designing approach

Active site prediction of target protein.

Retrieval of small Molecules from zinc Database/Pubchem

Drug linkliness of compound

Screening of ligands on basis of Lipinski rule of 5

Inter conversion of various file Conversion using software

Homology modeling for structure of unknown proteins


Docking of Protein and ligand

Protein preparation and docking in Autodock Vina

Docking on HEX server

Docking on PyRex

Poses analysis using PyMol

Interaction of Protein-ligand residues in the active site



Laptop is a must for this training.

Link for Software will either be shared with you or you will have to download the software during training, We will let you know that in advance.

Important Details

Training Fee: 

₹ 5,000/-

Important Dates:

Date of Notification:  25 January 2022

Start of registration: 25 January 2022

Last date of Registration: at lease 03 days before batches

Workshop Commencement: 20 Feb 2022

No of Seat:

Total: 10 (Registration will closed as soon as the seats will be filled)

Selection Process:

First come first serve

How to Register

Online Registration: 

Click the given link to register online -

Offline Registration: 

Download MS Word format of Registration form.

Send the duly filled registration form and screenshot of payment by Email to or Whatsapp to 77-0309-2222

Mode of Payment:

Contact Person:


Er. Sujeet Kumar Singh


CytoGene Research & Development, Lucknow