High Pressure Liquid Chromatography




High Pressure Liquid Chromatography


(HPLC Falls under QUICK TESTING FACILITY, results can be delivered with in 5 working days after receiving of sample, analysis form & payment)

CytoGene offers HPLC services at very nominal charges. HPLC is used in to separate chemical compounds in mixtures for Quantification, Validity and purity estimation for non volatile compound.

Sample Requirement: Solid (100 mg), Liquid (200-500µl)

Sample Extraction & Purification: If extraction has to be done by  us it will charged extra (Please Click here for the details of Extractions).

Report will contain: HPLC chromatogram,

Retention time of Different compounds in scan,

Area/Amount of compound in the (In quantitative)

Standard: Standard has to be supplied by the candidate along with the sample. We keep some of the very common standard with us, you can communicate with us before running of the sample

Cat.        Test 

SF 101   Running of HPLC for standard (Quantitative)   ₹ 2500/sample

SF 102   Running of HPLC for standard (Qualitative)    ₹ 1200/sample

SF 103   Running of HPLC for sample    ₹ 1200/sample

SF 104   Interpretation of Graph/Data    ₹ 1200/standard (upto 5 samples)

Note: GST Charges extra on total Amount (as may be applicable)